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Thousands of passionate builders are  thinking and developing the solutions that will revolutionize web3, we are here to make them take off.

We accelerate and customize the implementation of decentralized identity solutions for entrepreneurs, institutions and governments with specific products developed.

There is so much to create. Let’s change the world together. Let’s rewrite the rules!

Market information
1 M
Stolen/lost documents in 2020

In the last years, Interpol has seen a sharp uptick in the number of missing passports around the globe.

Fake labels on food and beverage

One in five labels in Europe would be false and therefore show a lack of compliance with European rules.

1 M
Illigal products and counterfeits

According to a report by the European Commission, last year, customs seized 17 million items at the borders of Europe for a total value of 740 million euros.

$1 B
Identity Fraud Losses

Criminals are increasingly targeting consumers directly with scams to gain easy access to personally identifiable information that enables them to take over a consumer’s identity.

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The development and adoption of decentralized technologies will significantly improve people’s lives.

The key to the change is related to the way we will handle identity from now on.

Our Products

Only one subscription to have access to all the tools needed to make great dApps and benefit from self-sovereign identity.

Sign-up and set up a few lines of code and you are ready to go!

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The most affordable option on the market for your development.

With our pay-as-you-grow system, pay only for what you use.






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Let’s BUILD together

We are only as good as our team… and partners. Join our ecosystem and start creating all kinds of blockchain products with the benefits of our tech and training programs. If you are working with Blockchain or you are evaluating it, contact us today!

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